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In our store you are able to donate for items, ranks, keys and many more which can be used in our server. Donating is a way to support our server, it helps us to grow, create better game-modes and make the servers more stable. In return it help you to become gain ranks with many advantages compared to other players.


Payment methods




Name changes

After 2-4-2015 it’s possible to change the name of your MineCraft premium account. It’s strongly recommended not to change your in-game name, if you want to keep your items, ranks etc. Please do not ask for a transfer, it is not possible!



If you have any issue feel free to contact us via our mail: support@minemensia.com or on our forum. Please do not contact us via other social media like Facebook for payment questions.


Please note

All the prices are in Euros, if you live outside the EU (e.g. USA or China), the checkout screen will automatically convert the prizes into your local currency.
Donations make take up to 156 minutes to be progressed by our system. When entering in your username, be aware it’s case-sensitive. Any contributions or purchases ma on our store go to the MineMensia Development and Server Development Improvements. If you are under the age of 18, please ask your parents for permission before donating.


We will see you online at:

twitter: @minemensia
facebook: /minemensia